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Want more followers? Grow Your Social Media quickly walks you through transformative how-to steps for growing your social media platforms. In this actionable audio training and worksheet, you get easy to apply steps to prioritize your efforts, engage with your ideal followers, and build a sustainable social media plan that won’t get in the way of building your brand, for just $97!

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The Influencer Academy has been fundamental to my business. It helped me figure out exactly what service to create and sell to my ideal customer. I found out that Instagram strategy was lacking for women of color. I never would've had the courage to create this program for my audience had I not taken TIA. - Mallory Hank-Johnson

Since taking The Influencer Academy, I opened up a landscape photography workshop, and the workshop sold out in under a minute! These foundational steps were so crucial and I would've never gotten here without the direction from TIA. - Gina Yeo

TIA helped me figure out how to set up e-commerce on my site and I have two products ready to be sold. As a result, I’ve seen a 150% growth in my newsletter. Without TIA, I wouldn’t have a plan, consistency in my brand and content, and actual landing pages created and generating new audiences each day. - Jaz Anderson

The Influencer Academy was the first online course that I have ever purchased and am glad I did! Participating in The Influencer Academy was what I needed to figure out my "why" and dig deeper into what direction I was heading. If you are looking for a way to make your brand and influence more meaningful for both you and your audience, TIA will help you discover how. - Helene Trager-Kusman

The Influencer Academy was far more helpful than a traditional college business class. I learned so many business basics that are geared toward the digital and social media age, and I now actually have a business. Thanks to TIA I was able to focus on what I’m passionate about and what resonates with my audience. - Laura Behnke